April Flowers

Submitted April 13, 2020 at 12:00 PM

Spring has definitely sprung in the Garden. The spring bulbs are ramping up, and many flowering trees and shrubs are putting on a show.

Grecian Windflower   Anemone blanda

This little beauty flourishes in large patches in the dappled shade of the Gambel Oaks and Serviceberries on the Floral Walk.

Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince   Chaenomeles x superba 'Texas Scarlet'

These eye-catching flowers pop open before any leaves appear, grabbing your attention as soon as you enter the Medicinal Garden.

Liverleaf   Hepatica americana

A relative of Windflowers, these delicate flowers grow in bunches, and are a bit taller than their Windflower cousins.

Liverleaf   Hepatica nobilis

One of the first signs of spring, these dainty purple flowers are tough enough to handle late season snow storms without harm.

Golden Currant   Ribes aureum

This Utah native produces golden yellow flowers followed by berries that range in color from orange, to red or pink, to black, and sometimes pale yellow or white.

I hope everyone is staying home, safe, and healthy during this crazy time.

Photos by Jason W. Baker

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