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Bark is the outer layer of trees and shrubs. It provides protection against the outdoor elements, insulates against extreme temperatures, prevents water loss, and wards off insects. Bark comes in many different colors and textures, of which can be seen here at Red Butte Garden. Come see for yourself.

Paperbark Maple    Acer griseum

When the sun is hitting this tree's bark at just the right angle, the old peeling bark looks like flames!

Incense Cedar    Calocedrus decurrens

Just look at this attractive reddish colored bark! The Native Americans used the bark of this tree for making baskets.

London Plane Tree    Platanus x acerifolia 'Bloodgood'

As the old bark sheds, it creates a unique contrast of texture and colors.

Jens Munk Rose    Rosa 'Jens Munk'

This rose not only has bark, but also bite! These are the prickles and developing leaf buds.

Common Snow Drop    Galanthus nivalis

As the snow is melting, the snow drops are blooming!

With the weather warming, now is a good time to visit the Garden and learn to identify trees by their bark. You will also be able to catch a first glimpse of the early bloomers and those getting ready to bloom.
Photos by Heidi Simper

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