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Be aware that third-party ticket resellers and brokers use the 'Red Butte Garden' name in some way to sell overpriced or invalid tickets online. The recommended course of action is to not use third-party reseller sites and ONLY purchase authetic tickets directly from Red Butte Garden, or an artist’s official fan club. This is the only way to be sure you get authentic, face-value priced tickets.

Purchasers of Red Butte Garden concert and event tickets may not resell their tickets for more than the face value of the ticket. Purchasers who are caught reselling their tickets for above face-value may be subject to ejection from the Red Butte Garden event, may have their tickets revoked, and may be banned from the future purchase of tickets to Red Butte Garden events. CLICK HERE to see all of the Terms & Conditions that apply to your concert ticket ("license").

Q: Why are Red Butte Garden concert tickets available for purchase on third-party vendor/reseller sites (such as StubHub or KSL)?

A: We do not partner with any third-party ticket resellers and do not recommend purchasing tickets through resellers. Unfortunately, ticket reselling is legal in the state of Utah, so we cannot completely prevent reselling, however, we do monitor ticket limits and will cancel orders with ticket numbers above the allotted limits. No reseller has tickets to any of our concerts before the Garden member presale date. Some ticket brokers have signed up for Garden memberships but they must purchase their tickets just like other Garden members with the same limitations on the number of tickets that can be purchased.

If you purchase tickets from a reseller, please be aware that they may not actually have tickets in hand when they take your money, the tickets will be overpriced and may be invalid. We cannot verify that a ticket is valid until the ticket is scanned at the entrance gate on the night of the concert. It may be a ticket number that was sold twice, meaning that it will scan as USED and you may be denied entry into the venue, or you may have purchased a ticket that was cancelled due to a ticket limit violation. Red Butte Garden cannot look up or reprint tickets purchased through a reseller.

Q: Why do some online ticket resellers offer concert tickets for sale before they go on sale to Garden members?

A: These ticket resellers DO NOT have tickets in hand! They claim to have tickets, and hope to acquire them through normal or other channels before the concert date. It’s a gamble. A good clue is if the ticket offered is overpriced and has language that says: “ticket will be delivered by XX date,”- this usually means they do not have a ticket in hand, and that they will try to acquire one once they have a potential buyer (ie: your money).


Q: Why are concert tickets available to concert artist fan clubs?

Many artist contracts specify that we are to hold a small number of general admission tickets for the artist to sell directly to their fan club. These tickets are available only on the artist’s official web site to fan club members, and only for a short period of time. In addition to any fan club membership fees, tickets are offered at the full public price. Red Butte Garden does not control when artists put their fan club tickets on sale.

Q: Can I purchase fan club tickets?

A: Anyone can purchase artist fan club tickets by joining an artist's fan club, but there is not a Garden member discount applied to fan club tickets.


The Red Butte Garden Amphitheatre is a first come, first serve general admission venue.

  • Waiting in line overnight is not permitted.
  • No lining up before 1:00PM on concert days.
  • Concert-goers must remain with their spot in line throughout the day. A reasonable 20 minute break to the car or restroom is acceptable. It is not allowed to leave blankets or chairs and then take off for an extended period of time. Red Butte Garden staff will remove your items from the line.
  • No saving places in the very front section of line (approximately the first 150 people), no one may join you in the front section of the line at any time. Beyond that section, people can join parties already in line until 5pm. No one is allowed to join parties already in line after 5PM, additional party members can join at the end of the line and connect with you inside.
  • Gates usually open one hour before the music is scheduled to begin. All gates open at the same time, there is no early entry.
  • Please be friendly and respectful to others in line.

Once you have entered the Amphitheatre, you may not exit and re-enter. You are welcome to bring food, blankets, umbrellas, low-rise chairs, etc. into the venue with you. Be prepared for weather extremes such as sun, heat, wind, cold, or rain. Bring a jacket, as the temperature may drop noticeably after sunset.


You are welcome to bring your own low-back chair or blanket.
• 12” max from ground to front of seat bottom
• 30” max to top of chair back in highest position

Red Butte Garden sells low-back chairs that meet these specifications in our Visitor's Center Gift Shop and at our Amphitheatre merchandise tent.

We reserve the right to limit the number and size of blankets used by individuals or groups to 4 feet x 6 feet, or 24 square feet. The venue is often full; please respect each other by occupying adequate, but not excessive space.

Inflatable seating is NOT allowed.

Concert Chair Dimensions

The following items are NOT allowed inside the Amphitheatre:

  • No wagons, carts, selfie sticks, laptops, drones, noisemakers, laser pens, inflatables, or any illegal substances or items.
  • Please leave pets and comfort animals at home, only service animals are allowed inside Red Butte Garden, including the Amphitheatre.
  • No weapons unless otherwise permitted by law.
    For more information please refer the University of Utah Firearms on Campus Policy 1-003


Recording and transmission at concerts is generally prohibited. Cameras with removable lenses, video cameras, recording devices, and drones are prohibited.
No flash photography. At some shows photography will not be allowed at all.

  • You are welcome to bring a cooler and pack your own picnic and beverages of choice.
  • No cooking or barbecues allowed.
  • Please pack out whatever you bring into the venue.


Concessions are available inside the Amphitheatre offering a variety of food, non-alocololic beverages, and snacks.

Save time and preorder your concert picnic online and pick it up at the Concert Café.


All concerts are held rain or shine. Be prepared for extremes such as sun, heat, wind, cold, or rain. Dress accordingly and bring warm layers, and anything else you need, as the temperature may drop noticeably after sunset.


Participants are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion and to refrain from conduct and language that would be offensive and/or disruptive to performers or other event participants. Participants who violate these rules may be ejected from the event. CLICK HERE to see all of the Terms & Conditions that apply to your concert ticket ("license").


In compliance with the Utah Clean Air Act and to protect our plant collections and concertgoers, Red Butte Garden is a non-smoking facility. Thank you for your cooperation.


Red Butte Garden implements the following policy for the Outdoor Concert Series:

  • Concertgoers with mobility impairment may enter with one adult ticketholder and minor children ticket holders near the Donor Entrance located southwest of the Will Call booth.
  • Other ticket holders in your group may meet your party inside the venue.
  • There is no early entry, all gates open at the same time.
  • A wheelchair-designated area is located inside the Amphitheatre near the soundboard.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact the Red Butte Garden Visitor Center at 801-585-0556.


Only Service Animals are allowed inside Red Butte Garden and Amphitheatre. Please leave pets and comfort animals at home.


Ticket prices increase on the day of the show. There are no Garden member discounts on day-of-show tickets.

The Amphitheatre Will Call booth opens at 4:00PM.


The Amphitheatre is part of Red Butte Garden, but it is located at a different address than the Red Butte Garden Visitor Center.

Red Butte Garden Amphitheatre
2155 Red Butte Canyon Rd.
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Parking is free, but limited, adjacent to the Amphitheatre (see map). We encourage you to bike, car pool, ride share, or take public transportation.

There is a drop-off area near the Will Call booth.

Free bike valet is provided at most concerts by the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective.

To plan your route to the Amphitheatre using public transit, visit:

Concert Parking Map
Click HERE for a larger, printable map.

For information about how to purchase and pick up tickets, visit our HOW TO BUY TICKETS webpage.

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