Daylilies Come...Daylilies Go

Submitted July 18, 2016 at 11:34 AM

As their name suggests, daylilies only bloom for 24 hours. In otherwords, you better hurry to the garden because you do not want to miss the dazzling display that is happening right now! Here is just a glimpse of the cultivars blooming today, who knows what will be blooming tomorrow!

Daylily    Hemerocallis 'Dominic'

Daylily    Hemerocallis 'Hot Lips'

Daylily    Hemerocallis 'Gay Cravat'

Daylily    Hemerocallis 'Lady Marmalade'

Daylily    Hemerocallis 'Sudbury Bev'

If you visit the daylilies near the Water Pavilion, you are sure to spot some dragonflies.

Now is a favored time to visit the Garden, lots of color and life are on display! We hope to see you soon!
Photos by Jason Baker and Heidi Simper

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