End of April

Submitted April 25, 2012 at 9:12 AM

It feels like summer outside and the plants are trying to catch up with the warm temperatures. The bulbs and daffodils are nearing the end of their cycle, but there are still plenty of them blooming throughout the gardens.

Adam's Crabapple   Malus 'Adams'

The crabapples are in full swing and can be found in every garden with flowers ranging in color from pure white to deep pink.

Spruce Picea sp.   Erigeron divergens 

Although you may not even notice them, the conifers are also beginning to bloom. Most of their flowers are inconspicuous, but this particular spruce in a pot near the Courtyard fountain displays bright red female cones. The male cone (to the left of the female cone) is releasing its pollen and some pollen grains can be seen stuck on the scales of the female cone in the photo below.

Father Fiala Lilac   Syringa vulgaris  'Fr. John Fiala'

Our lilacs can be found throughout the gardens, but our oldest, and most unique varieties are located near the bottom of the Floral Walk.

Cayuga Koreanspice Viburnum    Viburnum carlesii  'Cayuga'

The fragrant Viburnums are a delight to the senses. Their aroma can be smelled from many feet away

Psgan Yellowhorn    Xanthoceras sorbifolium 'Psgan'

A relatively new addition to the garden, the Psgan Yellowhorn produces white flowers with yellow centers that age to orange as the flower matures.

Freckles Violet    Viola sororia 'Freckles'

Don't forget to look out for the little guys! With all the blooming action happening at eye-level, it's easy to overlook the smaller flowers opening by our feet. This spotted viola is in the Children's Garden is located in the bed across from the snake head fountain. Little surprises just like this one can be found everywhere at Red Butte.

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