Fabulous Fall Flora

Submitted October 14, 2013 at 2:11 PM

A flush of fall colors have blanketed the flora throughout Red Butte Garden and the result is fabulous! Flowers are still blooming and birds are dancing through the air against a beautiful backdrop of deep reds, oranges and yellow. Come enjoy the swan song of summer before it's too late!

The Four Seasons Garden welcomes you with a mosaic of fall colors and textures as you emerge from the Visitor Center.

Firetail Fleeceflower  Persicaria amplexicaulis  'Firetail'

Fuchsia blooms stand out against leaves decorated in yellow and red on this long-blooming perennial.

Japanese Barberry    Berberis thunbergii var. atropurpurea 

This drought tolerant shrub absolutely dazzles in fall with striking leaf colors and copious bright red berries.

Crystal Lake Geranium   Geranium wallichianum 'Crystal Lake'

The delicate purple flowers of this low-growing perennial dance above lovely fall flocked leaves.

Woods' Rose     Rosa woodsii  

Airy white blooms emerge in spring and give way to decorative red and orange hips on this native rose.

Mohawk Burkwood Viburnum    Viburnum x burkwoodii  'Mohawk'

A colorful patchwork creates a dynamic fall look on the leaves of this shrub.

Gemini Rose    Rosa  'Gemini'

This late blooming and prolific rose explodes with white tipped, pink blooms amongst deep purple tinged fall leaves.

Grape-leaf Anemone    Anemone tomentosa  'Robustissima'

A sure sign of fall in the Garden are the annual displays of anemones that bloom along the Floral Walk and within the Rose Garden.

As you stroll though the Garden this week you're sure to find inspiration for bringing fabulous fall color to your home garden, and you'll be treated to a preview of the preparations for the Garden After Dark celebration! Don't forget to bring your favorite boys and ghouls to this year's Fearsome Flora themed adventure, click here for more details.
Photos by Sarah Sandoval

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