Fantastic Fall Flowers

Submitted September 29, 2016 at 9:07 AM

Fall is officially here and every corner of the Garden is filled with color.

Paper Bark Maple   Acer griseum

Look for the beautiful peeling bark of this Maple along the Floral Walk and near the Amphitheatre

Woods' Light Blue Aster   Aster 'Woods' Light Blue'

Plant Asters in your garden to give bees the nectar they need in the fall.

Chocolate Snakeroot   Eupatorium rugosum 'Chocolate'

These pure white flowers can be found growing under the Pear Arbors.

Ornamental Oregano   Origanum 'Bristol Cross'

This low-growing Oregano looks great in any location.

Oriental Fountain Grass   Pennisetum orientale

Plant grasses in your garden to bring a feathery texture to your garden.

Double Delightâ„¢ Rose   Rosa 'ANDeli'

Exposure UV light stimulates the white petals to change red.

Woods' Rose   Rosa woodsii

The hips of this native rose are a great food source for birds during the winter.

The leaves are changing, the grasses are stunning, and the temperature is mild, making right now a great time to visit Red Butte Garden.
Photos by Jason Baker

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