The First Daffodil Opened!!!

Submitted March 2, 2010 at 4:19 PM

Ok folks the first daffodil out of approximately 150,000 daffodils officially opened today at Red Butte Garden! How exciting is that?

Daffodil Narcissus sp.

Along with our 150,000 daffodils throughout the garden, we also have approximately 50,000 other spring blooming flowers. Come visit often to make sure you don't miss a single one.

Crocus Crocus vernus

Hardy Cyclamen Cyclamen coum

Double Snowdrops Galanthus nivalis f. pleniflorus 'Flora Pleno'

Rosegold Pussywillow Salix gracistyla var. melanostachys

When you're visiting the garden, don't forget to take a look in the Visitor Center and Orangerie for the continually changing displays of color.

Chinese Hibiscus Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

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