Friday the Fleur-teenth

Submitted July 13, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Happy Friday the 13th! And what better way to celebrate, than to spend the day at the Garden. Even though many early Summer bloomers have come and gone, you can still find more than a Baker's Dozen blooms everywhere you look.

Hello Yellow Buttefly Milkweed    Asclepias tuberosa 'Hello Yellow'

The only place to find this golden beauty is along the wooden Orangerie boardwalk.

Desert Willow
Desert Willow    Chilopsis linearis

This large-flowered Utah native is very water-wise. Look for it in the Water Conservation and Children's Gardens.

Mongolian Gold Clematis    Clematis fruticosa 'Mongolian Gold'

To find this flavescent shrub, you'll need to make your way to the top of the Water Conservation Garden.

Grecian Foxglove    Digitalis lanata

This Foxglove has naturalized itself in areas adjacent to the upper Floral Walk.

Blue Satin® Rose of Sharon    Hibiscus syriacus 'Blue Satin'

All cultivars of Rose of Sharon are blooming throughout the Garden. Blue Satin can be found at the entrance to the Water Conservation Garden.

Annabelle Hydrangea    Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle'

A lover of shade, this Hydrangea can be found at the entrance to Fern Gully.

Silver Blade Evening Primrose    Oenothera macrocarpa ssp. incana

Native to the central United States, this large-flowered evening primrose grows in front of the Visitor Center, along the Great Wall, and in the Water Conservation Garden.

Pygmy Fameflower    Phemeranthus brevifolius

In the Water Conservation Garden, the succulent, sausage-like leaves give rise to delicate, pink, nickel-sized flowers.

Carpeting Pincusion Flower    Pterocephalus depressus

This fantastic groundcover is drought tolerant, deer resistant, and attracts butterflies and bees.

Indian Summer Black Eyed Susan    Rudbeckia hirta 'Indian Summer'

As you enter the Courtyard, look for this Black Eyed Susan planted next to the towering Weeping Spruce.

Black Knight Scabiosa    Scabiosa atropurpurea 'Black Knight'

Although it's just an annual, it is planted every year throughout the Fragrance Garden meadow.

Elfin Creeping Thyme    Thymus serphyllum 'Elfin'

If you're not looking close, you might miss it. This ground-hugging Thyme is growing in the Herb Garden.

Hummingbird Trumpet    Zauschneria latifolia

This water-wise, long-blooming Utah native will attract hummingbirds to your garden all summer long.

Time is counting down! Our Nature Connects Lego® exhibit won't be here forever. Come see it before September 16th.

Don't forget to bring your tablet or smartphone on your next visit, because we have a great Lego® themed game for kids (and adults) to play as you explore the Garden.

Click HERE to find out how to download and play.

Photos by Jason W. Baker

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