Happy Thanksgiving

Submitted November 25, 2020 at 12:00 AM

Here at the Garden we are thankful for... Can you guess?... Plants of course! They provide us with oxygen, food, shelter, medicine, and so much more!

Wingthorn Rose
Wingthorn Rose    Rosa sericea subsp. omeiensis f. pteracantha

This shrub knows how to keep trouble away.

Nannyberry Viburnum
Nannyberry Viburnum    Viburnum lentago

What vibrant fruit this shrub has! Viburnum fruit hangs on well into winter.

Yellow Witch Hazel
Yellow Witch Hazel    Hamamelis x intermedia 'Primavera'

We still have flowers blooming!

Water Birch
Water Birch    Betula occidentalis

This Utah native is the only native birch in the Southwestern US.

Apache Plume
Apache Plume    Fallugia paradoxa

This Utah native plant is having a great hair day. Speaking of hair, Native Americans use the leaves from this plant as a shampoo to promote hair growth.

Northern Flicker
Northern Flicker

Birds are thankful for plants as well. Plants provide food, habitat, and protection to birds and animals.

We're not only thankful for plants, we are thankful for you - our members and visitors. We wouldn't be a Garden without your support. We wish you a safe and happy thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

Photos by Jason W. Baker and Glenn Eurick

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