Has Spring Sprung?

Submitted February 12, 2015 at 2:25 PM

The weather outside is far from frightful, and the emerging blooms are definitely delightful, so I think we can say it's so, it's time for our plants to grow! From the Rose Garden to the Natural Area, the signs of spring are starting to show. The sun is shining and the weather is perfect for a garden stroll.

Dwarf Iris   Iris histrioides  'George'

These diminutive darlings are creating quite a display in the Rose Garden where four dwarf iris cultivars are starting to bloom.

Great Basin Indian Potato   Orogenia linearifolia 

These truly tiny flowers are easy to miss as they peak from beneath last year's grasses and leaves in the Natural Area, but are a sure sign of spring weather. This Utah native's equally small bulb has been eaten by Native Americans and settlers.

Long-stalk Spring Parsley   Cymopterus longipes 

Higher up in the Natural Area you'll find these flat-to-the-ground, native perennials that are one of the first plants to bloom.

Mules Ear's   Wyethia amplexicaulis 

Last year's blooms still stand ready to remind us of the coming summer splendor and lend their own sculptural beauty to your hike.

This is a wonderful time to hike in the Natural Area, not only for the blooms but for the incredible views and wonderful weather. You might even run into our intrepid curator as he is surveying what is blooming this week.

Colder, wetter weather is in the forecast so don't let this oasis of spring pass you by! Head up to Red Butte Garden and stretch your legs today.

Photos by Sarah Sandoval

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