Hot Blooms in the City

Submitted July 14, 2014 at 2:16 PM

Summer is definitely here and the Garden is in full bloom! This is a great time to experience the Garden at full tilt, awash in beautiful blooms, buzzing pollinators and talkative birds. Shade can be found around every corner and now is great time to enjoy summer in the Garden.

Pink Mist Pincushion Flower   Scabiosa  'Pink Mist'

This airy pink bloom dances in the breeze amongst an explosion of color and scent in the Fragrance Garden. The Terrace Gardens are spectacular right now, and their shady swings are calling your name!

Blue Glow Globe Thistle  Echinops 'Blue Thistle'

Tucked in the shade of the Floral Walk, these striking spheres of steel blue blooms are always well attended by pollinators. The flowers and highly textured leaves of this versatile perennial add interest to sunny or shady garden areas.

Carefree Delight Rose   Rosa  'MEIpotal'

This is just one of the myriad of roses that are strutting their stuff throughout the Rose Garden. Be sure to take a moment to enjoy the shady bench near the waterfall while you bask in the beauty of thousands of roses.

Purple Coneflower  Echinacea purpurea  

The large and delightfully bright blooms develop large spiky center cones that inspired the scientific name Echinacea, which means hedgehog in Greek.

Moon Carrot  Seseili gummiferum  

This unusual and easy to grow biennial produces large flower heads with light pink to white blooms. It is just about to open it's blooms in the Mediterranean area of the Floral Walk.

Nancy's Red-hot Poker  Kniphofia  'Nancy's Red'

These flower spikes are as red-hot as the temperatures and could make a fun addition to the mid-summer blooms in your garden.

The Garden is as alive with activities as it is with flowers! Be sure to check out the calendar of events and you'll be sure to find an class, exhibit or concert that will inspire your summer adventures.

Photos by Sarah Sandoval

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