Magnolia Madness

Submitted April 3, 2012 at 12:50 PM

2012 seems to be a very good year for our Magnolias at Red Butte Garden. With the mild winter and a warm spring, the gorgeous flowers have been retaining their color and fragrance very well.

You can see our various Magnolias near the Courtyard, along the Floral walk and in the Fragrance Garden.

Leonard Messel MagnoliaMagnolia x loebneri   'Leonard Messel'

Leonard Messel MagnoliaMagnolia x loebneri   'Leonard Messel'

Royal Star MagnoliaMagnolia stelleta 'Royal Star'

Royal Star Magnolia Magnolia stelleta 'Royal Star'

Yulan Magnolia Magnolia denudata

Don't forget to also check out all the amazing daffodils throughout the garden. There are over 140 different cultivars total.

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