Plenty of Petals

Submitted June 25, 2019 at 12:00 PM

The Rose Garden is at its peak, and if you don't get here now you're going to miss it. Roses will continue to bloom throughout the season, but never as many at the same time as right now.

Sally Holmes
Sally Holmes Rose   Rosa 'Sally Holmes'

There are so many flowers on these plants you can hardly see the leaves!

Jacques Cartier Rose
Jacques Cartier Rose   Rosa 'Marchesa Boccella'

With this many petals, and its delightful fragrance, how can you not love this rose?

Jeanne Lajoie
Jeanne Lajoie Climbing Rose   Rosa 'Jeanne Lajoie'

You can find this small-flowered rose climbing the exterior walls of the Ring Garden.

Livin' Easy™ Rose
Livin' Easy™ Rose   Rosa 'HARwelcome'

These spicy-scented roses greet you as you descend into the Rose Garden from the Floral Walk.

Black Jade™ Rose
Black Jade™ Rose   Rosa 'BENblack'

While the flowers may be small, they are some of the darkest roses available. As the petals age, some turn shades of black-ish red.

Aloha Rose
Aloha Rose   Rosa 'Aloha'

This short climbing rose flowers freely and repeatedly.

While the Rose Garden does contain the majority of the roses at Red Butte Garden, you can also find a few everywhere else you go during your visit.

Photos by Jason W. Baker

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