Red Butte Maples

Submitted October 29, 2012 at 12:27 PM

Fall is the time when most maples put on the best show. At Red Butte Garden we have a nice selection of maples to give you a good taste of how maples can enhance your own garden.

Big Tooth Maple   Acer grandidentatum 

Full Moon Maple   Acer japonicum   'Aconitifolium'

Japanese Maple    Acer palmatum  'Garnet'

Japanese Maple    Acer palmatum  'Sangokaku'

Korean Maple     Acer pseudosieboldianum  

Korean Maple     Acer pseudosieboldianum  

Hot Wings┬« Maple     Acer tataricum   'GarAnn'

There are many species and cultivars of maples to choose from. Many grow large enough to shade your yard while others stay so small they are perfect for that shaded nook near the front porch.

Come visit the garden and see our magnificent maples!

Photos by Sarah Anderson and Jason Baker

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