Return of the Roses

Submitted May 21, 2014 at 7:14 AM

As a wonderful warmth returns to our fair Garden, so does the blooming of our collection of ravishing roses. This week has seen the beginning of what is sure to be a spectacular season as buds abound and blooms open their eyes to the bright and beautiful sun.

Wingthorn Rose  Rosa sericea ssp. omeiensis f. pteracantha

This delicate white bloom is protected by a profusion of large, wing-like thorns that mature from a bright, warning red to a dusty grey.

Kiftsgate Rose    Rosa 'Kiftsgate'

Diminutive flowers with creamy yellow petals swirled with rosy-pink accents are about to explode to life on this vigorous climbing rose that coats the walls of the Engagement Garden.

Father Hugo Rose  Rosa hugonis 

The graceful branches of this water-wise rose display airy, light-yellow blooms.

Jens Munk Rose   Rosa 'Jens Munk'

Fragrant, light pink flowers glow in the summer sun against deep green foliage on this dense rose bush. A great choice for a hedge or screen planting.

Lipstick Strawberry   Fragaria  'Lipstick'

This member of the rose family is a wonderful ornamental groundcover with fun, fushia flowers dotting the bright green leaves.

Reblooming Iris   Iris 'Light Beam'

Our many stunning Iris's don't want to miss out on the fun and are joining the roses with a flush of fabulous flowers. This luminous, light-yellow Iris delights in the spring and again in the early fall.

Epicenter Iris   Iris  'Epicenter'

This superb, shimmering Iris contains contrasting hues of dark-cherry red and champagne and is just starting to bloom.

This time of year brings waves of new blooms seemingly daily, the ebb and flow of flowers creates a constantly changing garden for you to visit. Be sure to come by often to see what today's tide brought in, you don't want to miss a moment of our marvelous mountain side of gardens. Bees are buzzing, hummingbirds are humming and the Garden is alive and waiting for your visit! And if you'd like to bring some of the beauty home, there is a great selection of leftover plants from the spring plant sale available in the courtyard for 10% off their original price!

Photos by Sarah Sandoval

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