Scent-sational Display

Submitted May 15, 2014 at 4:29 PM

As you walk through the Garden, you can't help but take in the delicious fragrance that abounds around every corner. The Floral Walk and Rose Garden have many shrubs and trees that are still in full bloom with intense aromas.

Eastern Bluestar  Amsonia tabernaemontana

Along the Floral Walk, star-like flowers appear above the narrow green foliage of this perennial. The sweet-scented Wisteria in the Herb, Medicinal, and Fragrance Gardens is about to reach its peak and various perennials throughout the garden are also beginning to open up for a fantastic display, so look high and low as you walk through, you don't want to miss a single flower.

Common Cherrylaurel   Prunus laurocerasus 'Otto Luyken'

In the Rose Garden these small white flowers emit an intoxicating fragrance.

Father Hugo Rose  Rosa hugonis 

In the Rose Garden, this once-blooming species rose has a spicy fragrance like no other.

Agincourt Beauty Lilac    Syringa vulgaris  'Agincourt Beauty'

Along the Floral Walk, the cupped petals of this Lilac almost seem to reach for the sky.

Montaigne Lilac    Syringa vulgaris  'Montaigne'

This double-flowered Lilac has lavender buds that open to pale-pink flowers.

Sholokhov Lilac    Syringa vulgaris

This variety from Russia produces masses of pale lavender flowers.

Psgan Yellowhorn    Xanthoceras sorbifolium  'Psgan'

This unique ornamental tree has fragrant flowers that change in color from yellow to red with age and can be found only in the Rose Garden.

Don't forget to walk through the Natural Area. There are many species of beautiful native flowers that line the trails.

Photos by Jason Baker

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