Summer's Not Over Yet!

Submitted August 26, 2015 at 3:39 PM

Even though school is back in session, the weather says summer is not over and the flowers blooming here at the Garden agree! If you need a break from your studies or just need to get out of the house, come clear your mind by gazing at nature's beauty.

Blue Anise Sage   Salvia   'Argentine Skies'

There is much more to the Rose Garden than just roses, like this captivating Salvia with its illuminating blue color!

Lady's Mantle   Alchemilla mollis  

While in the Rose Garden, this beautiful green leaved groundcover with cute star shaped flowers is not to be missed.

Vermillion Bluffs┬« Mexican Sage    Salvia darcyi   'Pscarl'

Come for the roses, stay for this vibrant colored Salvia.

White Corydalis    Corydalis lutea  'Alba'

This small elegant beauty can be found on the rock wall at the bottom of the Floral Walk.

Funfare Wine Cape Fuchsia    Phygelius x rectus  'Funfare Wine'

Don't miss these handsome flowers, named for their wine-red colored throats.

Photos by, Heidi M. Simper

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