The Garden is Budding with Interest

Submitted January 14, 2014 at 9:49 AM

As winter embraces us, a new season of interest is budding out all over the Garden. Winter buds not only delight with the promise of spring renewal, but also create a fun focal point. Come enjoy a scavenger hunt for these often diminutive, but always interesting, winter garden highlights.

Yulan Magnolia   Magnolia denudata

Large and wonderfully furry winter buds decorate this centuries old cultivated tree and protect the large fragrant flowers that will emerge in spring.

Horsechestnut   Aesculus hippocastanum 'Baumannii'

The shiny and attractive Horsechestnut's winter buds are protected with a sticky, viscous coating.

Yellowwood   Cladrastis lutea 

Next year's growth buds out from the previous year's leaf scar on this beautiful yard or street tree.

Dwarf Ginkgo    Ginkgo biloba 'Mariken'

This compact Ginkgo has equally compact and adorable leaves and buds.

Loebner Magnolia    Magnolia x loebneri  'Merrill'

The fuzzy buds on this Magnolia give way to an abundance of 3 inch wide, fragrant blossoms in early spring.

Nannyberry Viburnum    Viburnum lentago  

The end buds on this Viburnum seem to be reaching out for spring while adjacent branches hold fragrant bluish-black fruits that are beloved by birds.

Paperbark Maple    Acer griseum  

This Maple provides a double dose of winter interest with delicate winter buds adorned with a skirt of snowy white hairs and the trunk with colorful exfoliating bark.

Enjoying winter in the garden takes a keener eye, and a thicker coat, but the rewards are there for the observant and intrepid visitor. Take the time to enjoy a stroll through the Garden and above the inversion this week and enjoy some of our wonderful winter buds. A great way to explore the garden would be with a tour of our wonderful, and warm, greenhouse on February 6th, or a garden tour highlighting our enchanting evergreens on February 22nd.
Photos by Jason Baker

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