The Garden Misses You

Submitted April 22, 2020 at 12:00 PM

While it is beautiful and peaceful in the Garden right now, there is one thing obviously missing... Your presence. And it leaves a large hole in the Garden's heart. We know you miss the Garden too, so this will be a longer post for your viewing pleasure.

Tulip   Tulipa cv.

Here is an occasional Tulip you might see in the Garden. We don't have many because the squirrels love to eat them.

Hardy Living Stone
Hardy Living Stone   Aloinopsis spathulata

This ground level plant can be easy to miss when not in bloom.

Crown Imperia
Crown Imperial   Fritillaria imperialis

If you are ever near this plant and smell a skunk, chances are it might be this flower.

Tulip   Tulipa cv.

Another Tulip! This Tulip is growing in the Water Conservation Garden.

Turkish Speedwell
Turkish Speedwell   Veronica liwanensis

These flowers are tiny but in mass plantings they sure do stand out.

Horsechestnut   Aesculus hippocastanum

I like big buds! This is a leaf bud about to open up.

Roundlobe Hepatica
Roundlobe Hepatica   Hepatica americana
Windflower   Anemone blanda

Most of what you see here, with the daisy-like purple and white flowers, are Windflower. The taller, white-flowered clump is Roundlobe Hepatica.

Snow Leopard Cholla
Snow Leopard Cholla   Cylindropuntia whipplei 'Snow Leopard'

As seen in the Water Conservation Garden. A personal favorite of mine because it keeps its cool all year round.

Herb Garden
Herb Garden

Between the wonderfully fragrant smell of these Blireana Plum blossoms (Prunus x blireana) and the stunning scene, I think I'll stand here for a while.

Spotted Blue Violet
Spotted Blue Violet   Viola sororaria 'Freckles'

I have no words for how cute these are. They are growing in the Herb Garden.

Take care of yourselves and we look forward to having your presence in the Garden again.

Photos by Heidi M. Simper

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