Water Conservation Garden

Submitted June, 30 2017 at 4:30 PM

What better time to visit the new Water Conservation Garden than for the 4th of July, especially if you haven't had the chance!

Royal Velvet English Lavender

Royal Velvet English Lavender    Lavandula angustifolia 'Royal Velvet'

The smell of lavender welcomes you into the Water Conservation Garden.

Snow Leopard Cholla

Snow Leopard Cholla    Cylindropuntia whipplei 'Snow Leopard'

How cool is this cactus? The white spines on this cholla reflect the sun, helping to lower its temperature.

Lauren's Grape Poppy

Lauren's Grape Poppy    Papaver somniferum 'Lauren's Grape'

If you make it to the top of the Water Conservation Garden, not only will you be greeted with a view, but also this striking beauty.

View from the Gravel Garden

View from the Gravel Garden

Here's the grand view from the top of the Water Conservation Garden.

Jingle Bells Penstemon

Jingle Bells Penstemon    Penstemon barbatus 'Coccineus'

Also at the top of the Water Conservation Garden, you won't be able to miss this vibrant beauty.

Now is the chance to see a Garden that has been newly planted, and continue to watch it grow. I hope you are as excited as we are to see how the Water Conservation Garden unfolds!

Photos by Heidi M. Simper

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