We Hope You Lichen Our New Display

Submitted May 23, 2013 at 9:25 AM

The beauty and bounty of spring are in full display in the Garden now! If you have the chance to treat yourself to a stroll through the Garden, take a moment to enjoy our new display along the Great Wall. We think you might really lichen it.

Seven common Red Butte Garden lichens are on display with labels that show their names and interesting facts.

Lecanora muralis is one of the lovely lichens that we have on display.

Once you have checked out the display, you may want to take a moment to enjoy the variety of lichens that are growing on the Great Wall or the even more impressive display that grows throughout the Natural Area.

Lichens are easy to overlook, but once you notice them you might become as fascinated by their complex and amazing roles in their ecosystems as we are. If you are, please join us in June 22nd from 10am till noon for an informative walk through the Garden highlighting the lichens. The walk will be free for members, or the cost of admission for non-members.

Photos by Sarah Anderson

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