Woodland Gems

Submitted March 11, 2014 at 11:27 AM

When you come up to see our fantastic bulb display this week, be sure to keep an eye out for some woodland flowers that are also waking up. There are Winter Aconites, Hellebores, and Liverworts which can be found growing in the filtered shade of the defoliated trees and shrubs along the Floral Walk, and in the Medicinal and Water Pavilion Gardens.

Winter Aconite  Eranthis hyemalis

This early bloomer can be found growing under our Serviceberries on the Floral Walk

Golden Lotus Hellebore    Helleborus   'Golden Lotus'

Ivory Prince Hellebore    Helleborus  'Ivory Prince'

Red Racer Hellebore   Helleborus  'Red Racer'

Green Heron Hellebore    Helleborus x nigercors   'Green Heron'

You can see our Hellebores growing under the Serviceberries on the Floral Walk, under the Russian Olives near the entrance to the Fragrance Garden, and under the native oaks in the Water Pavilion Garden.

Blue Form Liverwort     Hepatica nobilis   'Blue Form'

Although it's called Blue Form, the flowers bloom both white and blue. This dainty flower can be found growing at the top of the stairs in the Medicinal Garden

Be sure to come back soon. Our Daffodils are getting ready to put on a spectacular show.

Photos by Jason Baker

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