A Pink Promenade

Submitted November 3, 2014 at 12:42 PM

When thinking of the hues that define fall in a garden, one doesn't always think of pink. This lively shade can create a wonderful contrast to the typical end of season palette. Pops of pink can be introduced to garden through fruits, flowers and even foliage.

Common Spindle Tree    Euonymus europaeus 'Red Cascade'

Even after fall's deep red leaves begin to drop, stunning fuchsia and orange seed pods put on a show.

Korean Mountain Ash  Sorbus alnifolia 

A more subtle shade of pink appears on the berries of this yellow-leaved tree.

Coralberry   Symphoricarpos orbiculatus 'Follis Variegatis'

The pale shades of the fall leaves offset the deep pink berries on this shrub.

Clematis   Clematis texensis  'Duchess of Albany'

Big, bold flowers follow the delicate vine of this lovely clematis.

Appleblossom Grass  Gaura lindheimeri  'Pink Cloud'p>

Red arching stems dangle airy pink blooms that dance in fall breezes.

Pink Octopus Bellflower   Campanula 'Pink Octopus'

This new addition to the garden may be small in size, but it has no trouble drawing attention with its interesting blooms.

Knotweed   Polygonum amplexicaule 'Inverleith'

The deep pink flowers of this knotweed stand in beautiful contrast to it's highly decorated fall leaves.

Blue Boy Hen and Chicks   Sempervivum 'Blue Boy'

This incredibly vigorous plant creates an interesting groundcover that comes alive with interesting, stalked pink blooms.

Golden Variegated Hakone   Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola'

Even the grasses are getting into the pink act as fall leaves a pink hue on this mounding grass that is attractive throughout the year.

Adding some bright spots of color to your fall garden can liven up the fading leaves and almost make you look forward to the end of gardening season. Red Butte's many gardens are still gorgeous and well worth bundling up for a peaceful and pink-tinged stroll!

Photos by Sarah Sandoval

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