A Little Bit of Everything

Submitted July 30, 2012 at 12:52 PM

It is the end of July and there are still plenty of flowers to see. Some plants are still flowering, some are re-flowering and other flowers are new.

The great thing about re-visiting Red Butte Garden is the constant change of color and variety of blossoms. Each time you visit is like your first time.

Echeveria    Echeveria subrigida 'Fire and Ice'

Slipper Spurge   Pedilanthus macrocarpus 

These two unique succulents can be found in the flower bed at the bottom of the steps before you enter the Visitor Center

Hibiscus   Hibiscus  'Kopper King'

With flowers larger than a dinner plate, this giant-flowered Hibiscus really makes a statement. This specimen can be found growing near the Water Pavilion

Sunburst St. Johnswort    Hypericum frondosum   'Sunburst'

Look for this handsome shrub growing on south perimeter of the Four Seasons Garden

Bergamot    Monarda didyma  'Raspberry Wine'

This hummingbird magnet, found in our Herb Garden, has fragrant foliage that can be made into a great tea.

Heavy Metal Switch Grass    Panicum virgatum   'Heavy Metal'

The next time you walk by a tall grass, take a close look. This specimen is producing colorful stamens and stigmas.

Coneflower    Rudbeckia   'Herbstonne''

Tall, bright yellow flowers like this one make a great backdrop for lower-growing shrubs and perennials. This coneflower grows on the north and south berms of the Four Seasons Garden

Photography by Sarah Anderson

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