Barks, Buds, and Berries of Winter

Submitted January 5, 2015 at 12:04 PM

The cold winds of winter have pulled back the dense, deciduous curtains of summer and revealed an abundance of beautiful buds, barks and berries. The bright white canvas of sculpturally blown snow offsets these features in a special way that is definitely worth braving the brisk winter air for a stroll!

Variegated Tatarian Dogwood    Cornus alba   'Gouchaultii'

This shrub is well known for it's deep red bark that creates a lovely contrast with the ice and snow of winter. The lower waterfall near the Rose Garden is a must see during your visit.

Seven Son Flower   Heptacodium miconioides 

Attractive, shedding bark reveals yellow and orange hues along the body of this tree.

Gambel Oak   Quercus gambelii 

The bright orange and yellow lichens that coat the bark of many of our native oaks are on full display during winter.

Leonard Messel Magnolia   Magnolia x loebneri   'Leonard Messel'

An abundance of buds donned with shimmering, white hairs shine in the winter sun atop this stunning magnolia just outside of the Visitor Center.

Yulan Magnolia   Magnolia denudata 

Last years alien-looking fruits provide inspiration for next years buds on this whimsical tree.

Korean Mountain Ash   Sorbus alnifolia 

The pinkish fruits that decorate this tree in winter often persist into spring.

Pat Austin ®   Rosa 'AUSmum'

Large, ruddy hips stand tall atop sharply thorned stems amongst leaves that persist into winter.

Coralberry   Symphoricarpos orbiculatus 'Follis Variegatus'

The berries of this low shrub start the fall a dark pink and develop a deep burgundy color through winter.

Break free from the siren song of home and hearth and enjoy a wonderfully brisk and bright walk through our winter wonderland of oft-hidden winter delights. If you visit soon there is the added bonus of viewing some of the ephemeral sculptural snow drifts that the recent winds have created throughout the Garden.

Photos by Sarah Sandoval

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