Fall Treasures

Submitted October 31, 2013 at 7:40 AM

As winter begins to bring bite to the air, some of the jewels of fall are rewarding those who visit the garden. Besides the colorful display of fall foliage, there are an abundance of fruits, cones and late season blooms just waiting to be discovered. Grab a jacket and enjoy a brisk jaunt through the wonderfully colorful Garden.

European Cranberrybush Viburnum   Viburnum opulus

This viburnum dazzles with yellow tinted foliage and an abundance of bright red berries.

Black Chokeberry   Aronia melanocarpa 

The deep purple hued berries of this shrub are not just beautiful, but have been used to create an infusion to treat colds.

Dwarf Cedar of Lebanon    Cedrus libani 'Sargentii'

The year round interest of conifers can include their decorative cones, as with the golden male cones on this pendulous evergreen.

Italian Arum     Arum pictum 

This diminutive fall blooming arum doesn't make a small statement; it's deep purple and yellow flower is a fun and unique treat at the end of the blooming season.

Cat-face Spider    Araneus gemmoides  

The fauna of the Garden are also slowing down for the winter, but this seasonally striking native spider was still out and about for a stroll.

Japanese Maple    Acer palmatum  'Bloodgood'

Many of the Japanese maples are still holding their distinctive colorful fall leaves.

Apple Serviceberry     Amelanchier x grandiflora  'Autumn Brilliance'

Multicolored serviceberry leaves carpet the ground along the Floral Walk.

Hybrid Toad Lily    Tricyrtis x  'Sinome'

An absolute favorite jewel of fall here at the Garden is the blooming of the toad lily. These fairytale looking blooms dance in the fall wind, displaying wonderfully whimsical combinations of color and form.

Hybrid Toad Lily    Tricyrtis x  'Sinome'

There are a good deal of buds still waiting to bloom, but with the threat of frost it's best to head in soon to make sure you have the chance to appreciate this beauty in person!

Don't delay your next trip to the Garden, there is a trove of fall treasures that await you, but they are here for a limited time only!
Photos by Jason Baker

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