Fall in Love with Our Grasses

Submitted September 3, 2013 at 3:54 PM

As fall creeps into the garden, our grasses are really beginning to shine. Come in soon for a great preview of our grass's fall splendor with decorative flower and seed heads and resplendent displays of color.

The Four Seasons Garden welcomes you with a wonderful presentation of different grasses that are ideal for adding depth, height and year-round interest.

Pearly Everlasting   Anaphalis margaritacea 

This Utah Native can be seen blooming along the upper Floral Walk.

Little Bunny Fountain Grass    Pennisetum alopecuroides  'Little Bunny'

This large clump forming grass is decorated with an abundance of airy, furry flower heads.

Little Bunny Fountain Grass    Pennisetum alopecuroides  'Little Bunny'

The decorative flower heads have lovely touches of purple and orange along with bright white tips.

Variegated Moor Grass    Molina caerulea  'Variegata'

This low growing grass offers color interest with its relaxed, variegated leaves.

Variegated Moor Grass    Molina caerulea  'Variegata'

Delicate purple tinged flower heads develop into creamy seed heads adding another layer of interest to this moor grass.

Reed Grass    Calamagrostis brachytricha  

Fall brings yellow highlights to this tall growing grass (up to 4 feet in height).

Northern Sea Oats    Chasmanthium latifolium  

Nodding, ornamental seed heads decorate this upright grass.

Autumn Moor Grass    Sesleria autumnalis  

This low growing grass comes alive in autumn with bright white flower heads.

Red Baron Japanese Blood Grass    Imperata cylindrica ssp. koenigii  'Red Baron'

A great example of a grass full of fall beauty, this cultivar develops deep wine-red tips as the season progresses.

Atlas Fescue   Festuca marei  

This large fescue is very cold hardy and makes a dramatic statement when planted en masse.

Mace Sedge    Carex grayi  

While not technically a grass, this carex is a great grass-like choice with fun, decorative seed heads.

The Water Pavilion has a great variety and display of grasses and is a wonderful place for a quiet stroll.

As the temperatures begin to abate, and the fall displays begin to really shine, now is a wonderful time to visit the Garden and discover ways you can add grasses to your gardens.
Photos by Sarah Sandoval

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