Marching into April

Submitted March 25, 2014 at 12:18 PM

It definitely looks like spring is here. Early-flowering shrubs are blooming one by one, bulbs are popping up in every corner bringing much anticipated color, and the Natural Area is providing its own show of native flowers.

Pink Forsythia   Abeliophyllum distichum'Roseum'

Look for this fragrant shrub on the Floral Walk just east of the rings.

Phyllis Moore Quince    Chaenomeles x superba   'Phyllis Moore'

This beauty is being espaliered in the Rose Garden.

Roundlobe Hepatica   Hepatica americana 

Cousin to the Liverwort in the Medicinal Garden, you can find this little guy in the bed across from the Papa Moose sculpture.

Winter Jasmine    Jasminum nudiflorum 

This plant is used in traditional Chinese medicine to induce sweating and can be found growing in our Medicinal Garden

Long-stalk Spring Parsley   Cymopteris longipes  

One of the first to bloom in the Natural Area, the leaves of this native were once boiled and used for food by the Goshute and Ute tribes.

Here are a couple things to look for in the next few days when you come visit the Garden.

Twinleaf    Jeffersonia diphylla  

Although it wasn't blooming at the time of writing, its flowers will most likely be open before the end of the week. Be sure to keep an eye on it. You can find it growing beneath the London Plane Tree in the Medicinal Garden.

Rijnveld's Early Sensation Daffodil    Narcissus  'Rijnveld's Early Sensation'

If you've been putting off your visit because you wanted to see our impressive display of over 224,000 Daffodils, then now is the time to come. Daffodils all over the garden are opening and filling the space with all shades of yellow.

Photos by Jason Baker

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