Spring is Knocking

Submitted March 5, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Even though there is snow on the ground, spring is knocking at the door and the plants are getting ready to come out of hiding.

Silver Cyclamen
Silver Cyclamen     Cyclamen coum 'Silver Form'

This early bloomer is a winter hardy cyclamen that will go dormant in the summer.

Snowdrop     Galanthus nivalis

This bulb is a garden favorite, as it hints at spring being near. It'll come up even when it is covered in snow.

Yellow Witch Hazel
Yellow Witch Hazel     Hamamelis mollis 'Primavera'

The arrival of this fragrant flower brings bright color to the landscape of white snow.

Pink Ice Orchid
Flame Willow     Salix 'Flame'

The common name of this bush is spot on. However, a photo cannot do it justice, come see the outstanding vibrant contrast for yourself!

Winter Aconite
Winter Aconite     Eranthus hyemalis

There are only a few of these poking up right now, soon there will be a bright yellow carpet of them!

Red Leaf Rose
Red Leaf Rose     Rosa glauca

Talk about year-round beauty! These are last season's hips.

Amethyst Witch Hazel
Amethyst Witch Hazel     Hamamelis 'Amethyst'

This deciduous shrub displays unique flowers before leafing out.

Yulan Magnolia
Yulan Magnolia     Magnolia denudata

These flower buds are looking nice and fat, can you guess when they will open?

Yellow Lady Banks' Rose
Cranberry Cotoneaster     Cotoneaster apiculatus

Here is another year-round beauty!

If you enjoy seeing the Garden transition from season to season, now is a great time to see it waking up from winter.

Photos by, Heidi M. Simper

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