Tantalizing Textures

Submitted December 3, 2012 at 2:55 PM

The leaves have fallen on many of our trees, revealing the often overlooked textures and colors of their beautiful bark. The bark of trees and shrubs can create a tantalizing display of papery peels, deep gnarled fissures and lovely color gradients that provide visual interest throughout the fall and winter.

Paperbark Maple Branch   Acer griseum 

Paperbark Maple Trunk    Acer griseum 

Cully Black Birch     Betula nigra  'Cully'

European White Birch    Betula pendula  

Chinese Fringe Tree    Chionanthus retusus   

Scots Pine     Pinus sylvestris   'Fastigiata'

Red Osier Dogwood     Cornus sericea    'Kelseyi'

Cherry   Prunus sp.   

Xanthoria Lichens decorate the bark of the Sweetgum tree     Liquidambar styraciflua

Red Butte Garden has beauty to be discovered every day of the year. Bundle up and come enjoy our hidden treasures today.

Photos by Sarah Anderson

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