The Sirens Song of Shade

Submitted August 1, 2013 at 4:27 PM

As the temperatures soar, the shady areas throughout our garden beckon with cool breezes and beautiful blooms. Shady areas in a garden can often be difficult to landscape, but here at Red Butte we have wonderful shade loving plants that can inspire you to create an oasis in your yard.

Touch-me-not   Impatiens balfourii 

This lovely, delicate Impatiens was donated by the late Bev Sudbury, a longtime volunteer and generous friend of the Garden. Her passion and dedication will be missed, but her presence will never leave the Garden.

Bachelor's Buttons    Centaurea montana 

Wispy purple flowers radiate from a multi-shaded pink inflorescence on this shade-lover.

Smooth Hydrangea    Hydrangea arborescens  'Annabelle'

This long-blooming Hydrangea creates a brilliant display of giant flower heads.

Hosta    Hosta  'Sagae'

Hosta's are a main-stay for shady areas, with simple to decorative leaves and delicate flowers.

Doublefire Viburnum    Viburnum plicatum  

Interesting bright white flowers decorate this lush green shrub.

Lungwort   Pulmonaria  'Trevi Fountain'

Even when it's not in flower, the foliage of many lungwort's can create a striking statement.

Spotted Bellflower     Campanula punctata  

A multitude of purple-speckled, bell-shaped flowers decorate this low-growing medicinal plant.

Balloon Flower   Platycodon grandiflorus  

Large, violet flowers with purple veins are displayed on 3 foot stalks throughout the summer (notice the native bee pollinating the bloom).

Come enjoy a lovely respite of shade along with our shade-loving plants. Explore some of our side paths through the shady oaks along the Floral Walk. This can be a great time to get ideas for your own shade garden, or just take a break from the heat and enjoy ours.
Photos by Sarah Sandoval and Jason Baker

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