Utah Natives for Your Garden

Submitted September 25, 2013 at 2:08 PM

Whether you're looking for additions to a water-wise, low maintenance or standard garden, there is a Utah native plant that is right for you. Native plants are currently blooming or dazzling us with fall color both in the Natural Area and throughout the Garden.

Rubber Rabbitbush  Chrysothamnus nauseosus 

This shrub is great for a blast of late season, vibrant color and requires very little water.

Golden Currant   Ribes aureum 

Golden-yellow flowers decorate this shrub in the spring, followed by colorful berries and deep-red leaves in the fall.

Broom Snakeweed   Gutierrezia sarothrae 

Butterflies love the yellow blooms of this small shrub, which does well in poor soils.

Copper Spine Pricklypear    Opuntia littoralis var. martiniana 

Ruby red fruits adorn the large upright pads of this very water-wise native in fall.

Showy Goldeneye    Viguiera multiflora  

Small sunflower-like blooms decorate this cheery Utah Native.

Four-wing Saltbrush    Atriplex canescens  

The showy seedheads of this large shrub can make an unusual and interesting statement in a garden.

Hummingbird Flower    Zauschneria latifolia  

Scarlet-red trumpet shaped flowers appear in spring and attract hummingbirds through to fall on this sprawling perennial.

A small sampling of the plants that will be available at our fall plant sale.

Our annual Fall Bulb and Native Plant Sale is a great opportunity to discover a variety of plants for all manner of gardens and to support the horticulture and education programs here at Red Butte garden. Come visit us this Friday from 3 to 7:30pm and this Saturday from 9am to 7:30pm when staff and volunteers will be available to assist you with finding wonderful plants for your garden.
Photos by Jason Baker and Sarah Sandoval

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